Mystery Tales: The House of Others Collectors

Your brother is the host of Ghost Riders – a popular ghost hunting TV show, but one night you receive a strange package that forewarns his death! You’ll need your special astral glasses to help you view the past and interact with the astral plane, but first you’ll have to find them! Travel to the haunted mansion of a serial killer and unwrap this unsolved ghost story, before you and your brother become the next chapter of it in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
See if you have what it takes to solve a ghostly mystery in the bonus game.
Find legendary figurines and unlock their ghoulish background stories.
Collect hidden tarot cards and find lost butterflies to purchase cursed items!
Feeling stuck? Get a nudge in the right direction with the strategy guide.
Enjoy exclusive concept art, wallpapers, soundtrack, and more

Sallys Salon Beauty Secrets Platinum

Everyone’s favorite beautician Sally returns, on a mission to beautify women across the globe – all while searching for her long lost love! Ready to join her (and her new side-kick François!) on this hilarious journey?
Business is booming, and Sally and her new side-kick François are making the town a little more beautiful, one treatment at a time. At least, they were – until some breaking news left Sally bursting with excitement!
Turns out her favorite singer and long-time crush Julio will be performing his farewell concert near Snuggford! As one of his biggest fans, Sally couldn’t be more thrilled. But there’s more. What nobody knows is that Julio and Sally had a summer romance 20 years ago!
Just when Sally’s convinced they’ll be able to rekindle their romance… Disaster strikes! Julio’s plane goes missing on its ay to the concert. Determined to find him, Sally and François set off on an incredible search!Will Sally find her long lost love? Fix your hair up pretty, put some make up on, pack your nicest dress, and get ready to find out in this hair-curling time management adventure!
– Become an amazing beautician!
– Play 60 time management levels
– Help Sally perform beauty treatments
– Discover 12 mini-games
– Enjoy many guest appearances
– Collect all the trophies
– Improve your salons!

Worlds Greatest Cities Mosaics 2

Play mosaic puzzles in some of the world’s greatest cities starting in Barcelona, Spain! You’ll play unique mosaic puzzles like never before and learn facts about the different cities you visit. Enjoy the sweet melodies as you use your problem solving skills in this challenging puzzle game.
– Unique mosaic puzzle gameplay
– Interesting facts about some of the world’s greatest cities
– Melodic soundtrack
– Easy to learn but offers great challenges

Spirit of the Ancient Forest

After setting out on an exciting journey to the Ancient Forest, Sarah learns from a forest wizard that the Great Tree, which is the soul of the Ancient Forest, is in danger. The Dark Lord, with the help of his vassals, poisoned the heart of the Great Tree. Sarah and her friends must thwart the machinations of the Dark Lord and take the fight to his Citadel to save the Great Tree.
91 game levels
Exciting and colorful fictional world
Many different mechanics and game tools
Enjoy forest hidden object scenes and puzzles

Lost Grimoires 2: Shard of Mystery

Shortly before his coronation, the young prince Fern disappears with a mysterious girl. The royal protectress and teacher is tasked to track him down and bring home.
The quest to find the heir will lead the protagonist through dreamlike woods, full of magical places and creatures.
She will face intricate hidden object puzzles and elaborate labyrinths in order to reach her goal.
The teacher will also encounter some unusual characters and face the malicious Drosera to discover the secret of the curse that befell the kingdom.
Using the knowledge of alchemical arcana, the protectress will do everything in her power to save prince Fern from the looming mortal threat. Will she succeeed? The future of the kingdom is in your hands!
Thanks to DarkSiders

Crime Stories: Days of Vengeance

When John joined the police department, his future looked bright. He had a loving family, a promising career, and a moral code that prevented him from compromising with criminals. But while John’s conscience kept him on an honest path, it also made him powerful enemies. A Mafia boss named Costello went after John’s family, and his life changed forever. Now, on the brink of despair and hungry for revenge, John sets out to stop Costello once and for all. To do that, he’ll take down Costello’s associates one by one.
– Exciting story about one man searching for justice and revenge
– 95 challenging match-3 levels
– As the story unfolds, you’ll discover 32 upgrades over 8 chapters
– An original jazz soundtrack to set the stage for John’s confrontation with

Berry Blast

Berry Blast literally is the fruitiest chain-reaction puzzle game, and once you get started, you won’t stop. Destroy berries to cause them to shoot in 4 directions, starting the chain-reaction. The very addictive puzzle mechanics will keep everyone hooked. Enjoy the delicious berry art as you progress through increasingly challenging levels.
1200 berry blasting levels
Setup the perfect chain reaction
Collect stars to progress
Fun sound effects and music

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