Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collectors

Romeo and Juliet survive their families’ feud and pledge to get married, but a ghost from the Capulets’ past wants to make sure the feud never ends and the Capulets are destroyed! Can you help them find a happy ending, or are they doomed to forever be star-crossed lovers? Play as both Romeo and Juliet and help them defeat the villain who wants to keep them apart in this lovely hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Play as Mercutio to save the star-crossed lovers in the bonus chapter!
Tons of collectibles: masks, scrolls, and coins.
Spend your coins to purchase decorations for Juliet’s boudoir.
Enjoy the soundtrack, wallpapers, concept art, and more!
Never miss a thing with the strategy guide.


Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Light and Darkness – these are the six elements our universe relies on. A powerful artifact, the crystal called Spellarium, can transform the light of the sun into the magical energy that fills the world with life. Spellarium has gone missing and the world is slowly decaying now. Help Eric, the wizard sent by the gods, retrieve the artifact and return life to the world!
100 levels with mini games
Restore a decaying town
Relaxed, Timed and Limited modes
A beautiful world to save!

Dark Parables: Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow Collectors

The people of Anaben are falling ill from a strange illness – one that makes them become shadows of their former selves! Your investigation takes a mystical turn as you uncover evidence proving a darker magic at work. Can you restore the people before it’s too late, or will you succumb to shadows as well? Find out in this chilling hidden-object puzzle adventure!
Can you restore the Duke and Duchess’s health in the bonus chapter?
Learn more about Anaben’s history by collecting bonus parables!
Replay HOPs and mini-games to improve your skills.
Never get lost with the strategy guide!


Mosaic: Game of Gods II

The Goddess of Creation and the God of Chaos managed to restore peace and harmony in the Universe, but one powerful and evil creature did not like it. And Darkness was its name. It cursed the Goddess in order to make the God of Chaos its again. But the Darkness did not know that the God of Chaos will never leave his beloved in trouble. And now he needs to do his best to save the Goddess and return the balance to the Universe again.
Relaxing gameplay
Intriguing plot
150 vibrant levels
Charming and relaxing music


Fairytale Griddlers Red Riding Hood Secret

Have you ever dreamt about being in a fairy tale and feeling like one of the characters? Now it’s possible as you set off on a unique journey to five different worlds with Little Red Riding Hood and the Lumberjack, helping them to solve the case of her parents’ disappearance. Featuring mind-blowing worlds, 200 unique puzzles to solve, incredible characters and special quests and prizes, Fairytale Griddlers: Red Riding Hood Secret will lead you on the adventure of your dreams.


Dependable Daisy: The Wedding Makeover

Zoes wedding arrangements have hit a roadblock! And she has no one but her best friend Daisy to get her out of this mess.With Dependable Daisy, play three different types of match 3 games in different shops of the town to earn cash and special currency. Buy the best decor to make the wedding venue look out of this world. Give the catering and the music an edge by hiring celebrity singers and a master chef. Get bonus wedding presents as a sweet surprise for Zoe.
Play numerous match 3 games till the wedding venue gets a fantastic makover.
Three different types of match 3 games to play.
Various power boosters for extra help.
Collect many d├ęcor items and bonus wedding presents


The Trials of Olympus III King of the World


Angelo’s thrilling story comes to an end in this epic conclusion to the Trials of Olympus trilogy… Since his departure from Olympus, Angelo has overcome many trials and enemies. However, he is about to face his greatest challenge yet, as threats assault the kingdom of Greece from all sides. Can Angelo stop Xerxes, appease the gods, and win back Amara’s love? Help him as he fights enemies, builds temples, makes new allies, and transforms the world itself in an epic adventure that transcends the bounds of history.
– Epic story based on mythological and historical figures
– 100 challenging match-3 levels
– 32 upgrades to help you overcome challenges
– A wide world to explore and upgrade

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